Fire safety

To prevent possible fire threats, Fire Protection (FP) is key and needs to be applied as soon as possible and responsibly. By preventive and regular fire control, we will reduce the possibility of fire, threats to employees, and we will reduce the cost associated with the damage. High-quality fire protection also reduces the risk of fines and legal problems for the company or building management.


Within the scope of Fire Protection we offer:

  • Implementation of the fire protection system
  • Elaboration of the necessary documentation (FIC, evacuation plans, fire directives and others)
  • Regular training of employees in the area of fire protection
  • Revisions of firefighting equipment – fire extinguishers, hydrants …
  • Labeling of the workplace according to the legislative principles of fire protection
  • Elaboration of fire projects
  • Targeting and drawing an object into .dwg
  • Drawing graphic evacuation plans
  • Elaboration of documentation on the fire safety characteristics of the building used
  • Professional consulting for the client
  • Representing the client in the case of state control
  • Organization of fire drills

Fire prevention trainings

  • Fire prevention employees training
  • Fire prevention leading employees training
  • Training of the fire-fighting assistance patrol
  • Training of the fire-fighting workplace patrol
  • Training of persons providing protection against fires in out-of-work time
  • Training vendor staff at your workplace

We are a partner ready to work flexibly to meet specific requirements and get rid of worry about Fire prevention, so that you can concentrate on your business.

Our priorities:

  • Work fast
  • Take away the most of your actions and transfer them to us
  • Our services increase the efficiency of your work
  • Find solutions that save customers’ costs