Health & Safety

Occupational Health and Safety at Work (HSE) is grounded in Art. 36 of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic and is regulated by its complicated system of legislation and other regulations to ensure safety and health at work. Our expert team of safety technicians, revision technicians and lecturers offers you our experience and professional approach.

Within the scope of HSE we offer:

  • Entry audit and risk assessment directly at the workplace
  • Elaboration of complete HSE documentation and its update according to valid legislation
  • Regular checks on health and safety at work
  • Training of employees and their evidence (initial, regular, professional training – forklift, boiler service and others)
  • Safety technician activities – occupational accident management, professional consultancy for the customer
  • Regular inspections of the workplace to identify deficiencies with the solution recommendation
  • Analysis – Assessment of risks and dangers arising from the work process
  • Drawing up a Directive and Labeling on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • First aid kit, safety signs and other HSE labels
  • Professional assistance in removing the deficiencies resulting from the inspections of Labor inspectorate or Public Health Authority
  • Occurrence of EHS inspections by the Labor Inspectorate
  • Breathing tests for the use of alcoholic beverages and other narcotic substances
  • Appointment of employees’ safety representatives, their training and regular meeting of the HSE Commission

Revisions, inspections and professional training

  • We provide revisions of electrical, gas, lifting and pressure equipment
  • Regular revisions of fire extinguishers and hydrants
  • Regular STE checks and evidence
  • Training of forklift operators
  • Training for height work, scaffolders training
  • Training of referent drivers
  • Training of operators of pressure equipment, pressure vessels
  • Training of boiler operators for various types of fuel
  • Training of load binders
  • Training of operators of lifting equipment (vertical sliding gates, platforms, not classified to classes, hydraulic hand)

We are a partner ready to work flexibly to meet specific requirements and get rid of worry about EHS, so that you can concentrate on your business.

Our priorities:

  • Work fast
  • Take away the most of your actions and transfer them to us
  • Our services increase the efficiency of your work
  • Find solutions that save customers’ costs