Additional services

We provide our clients with additional services in the field of Occupational health such as:

  1. Drug testing
  2. Immunization (vaccination) against influenza, tick encephalitis or hepatitis directly at your workplace
  3. First aid training with practical training (accredited course)
  4. “Healthy day”
  5. Elaboration operating rules such as HACCP, sanitation programs …

  1. We offer our clients screening their staff for the presence of drugs in the urine or saliva. We use 5-fold tests for the presence of the most commonly abused drugs (cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, opiates, tetrahydrocannobinol) that have an excellent sensitivity and accuracy of up to 98%. In the case of a positive finding, the employee either agrees with the test result or is sent to our contract center where he / she has to undergo a blood test which is then legally binding.

  2. We provide vaccinations with our healthcare staff at your workplace or in medical center. Vaccination is strictly followed by the cold chain and only validated vaccines are used. Do let to spread the flu in your company and give your employees preventive vaccination. It is best to vaccinate before the flu season begins at the beginning of October. We also offer tick vaccinations for employees work outdoors or against hepatitis A, B if they work in the food industry, healthcare…

  3. We can arrange first aid training directly at your workplace by professionally trained instructors with valid accreditation. The course consists of a theoretical part and a practical part where you can simulate different situations, so you can better prepare yourself and at the decisive moment you do not panic. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate confirming the completion of the accredited course.

  4. We will prepare a customized “Healthy Day” directly at your workplace and tailor it to your needs. What you can expect:
  • A healthy breakfast guaranteed to kick everyone
  • Freshly harvested fruit and vegetable juices
  • Measurements and testing (Pressure, sugar, cholesterol, uric acid)
  • Professional lectures
  • Exercises for correct sitting behind PC
  • Measurement of vision and intraocular pressure
  • Scanning veins
  • Others by agreement

5. Do you open a new facility and need documentation for government authorities?

  • Sanitation programs
  • Operating rules
  • Institute of an establishment
  • Elaboration of the application for putting the premises into operation