Non-medical area

Non-medical area includes:

  1. Entry audit of Occupational health (OH)
  2. Ongoing activities
  3. Objectivization (factor measurement by an expert)
  4. Documentation
  5. Education and training
  6. Advisory

  1. The entry audit is performed to determine the health and hygiene status of the workplace and the working conditions.

It consist of:

  • physical inspection of all client’s workplaces,
  • identify health threats to employees,
  • screening of work environment factors (noise, lighting, microclima)
  • elaborate summary report from audit and propose improvements,
  • elaborate categorization of work activities and content of medical examinations according to law,
  • familiarizing the client with the proposed improvements and creating a plan to optimize working conditions with regard to the health of employees

  1. The ongoing activities of OH focuses mainly on health surveillance where the proposed improvements are being implemented and preventive inspections of workplaces, which aim at ensuring healthy working conditions for employees and maintaining the highest possible quality of health. Part of the OH is the provision of advice and co-operation on inspections by state authorities as well as regular updating of documentation. We are following all the legislative changes that may affect your performance in the area of OH and we will inform you in advance.

  1. The measurements of the working environment factors is performed with the aim of qualitative and quantitative detection of health damaging factors and comparison of the results from legally set limits. Such assessment is performed only by professionally competent persons, authorized to perform the measurements.

For our clients we provide the following measurements of the working environment factors:

  1. noise,
  2. vibration,
  3. ionizing radiation,
  4. electromagnetic field,
  5. ultraviolet radiation,
  6. infrared radiation,
  7. laser radiation,
  8. heat load,
  9. cold load,
  10. chemical factor,
  11. carcinogen and mutagen factor,
  12. biological factor,
  13. physical work load,
  14. psychological workload,
  15. increased air pressure.

  1. OH documentation – Our goal is to provide our clients not only with the complete elaboration of the documentation required by the Slovak legislation, but also with the implementation of the principles resulting from the Occupational health service in practice.

We offer the following documents:

  • Risk assessments and operating rules for the various factors of work and the working environment
  • Traumatology plan
  • Drinking guidelines
  • Proposal to include work activities into risk categories of work for Regional Public Health Office
  • Operating rules (HACCP program, Sanitation program, Waste management directive, Operating rules of warehouse management, Operating rules of the human body care facility, Principles of safe night work, computer work, work with loads, cleaning work …)
  • Proposal to transfer the employee to another job position due to medical issues

  1. The education activity in the area of OH is mainly focused on informing the employer and employees about the risks arising from the work and the working environment, about the proposed improvements and the principles of safe work.

We provide training mainly in the following areas:

  • Provision of first aid, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation training on dummy. Training is also done with regard to specific risks in the work environment.
  • Work in noise, work with chemical factors, work ergonomics and physiology, heat and cold, epidemiology of serious work, manual handling, production technologies and use of PPE.
  • Lecturing (we can adapt to your requirements – workplace stress, body and vitamins …)

  1. Advisory – We provide professional advisory in the context of OH activities. It is mainly about:
  • Planning and deployment of new technology and manufacturing processes
  • Use of hazardous chemicals
  • Working with sources of ionizing, optical and electromagnetic radiation
  • Organization of ergonomic work placement and ergonomics of work
  • Legislative advice and planned legislative changes in the area of OH
  • Organization of work and rest, drinking and eating
  • Consultation on the implementation of organizational, technical and technological measures